What GIMMA Wear Is.

Gimma is a brand with a mixture of religion, humor, and a serious message of peace. Its powerful blatant message is totally universal! If you’re a church go’er like myself and feel offended by the word “Mobster” then stop and look around you! Our youth are forming gangs, more guns & violence. Our children are being bullied causing suicides. More people are on medication becoming zombies. People fighting each other over Religion in every nation, no matter their color or creed.

More & more confrontations for the simplest things in life.

This analogy means let the highest power take over through God. Open your eyes world!  There’s a new crew in town – Gimma – It’s Old School, when a hand shake was a contract and a beef was an end to a problem. Now a days, it’s court, court & more court.  Having your business out there.

In these new and trying times we need to “Pray it Away” which is another logo falling into the Gimma brand with many more. Let God handle it!  Anyone can react but it is much more difficult to restrain & that’s the lesson here. Let God control the outcome as He will anyway.

It’s all about the GIMMA! So get Bold, be Positive, have Respect, Love. FIGHT for Peace, not one another.

That’s Gimma!  Be in control, not out of it!

God Is My Mobster Apparel
Own it!